Our Mission

Our Mission 

At Leewaz India, we are committed to preserving and promoting the traditional craftsmanship that is rapidly vanishing due to the lack of support and resources. Our mission is to protect the rich heritage of India's handloom art, ensuring that the skills and knowledge passed down through generations are not lost. This can only be achieved with the collective effort of individuals who value and support this cause.

We have chosen to focus on Bengal handloom, a craft with which I have a deep personal connection. Today, Bengal handloom sarees are celebrated worldwide for their elegance and comfort. They are cherished by women for their unique blend of tradition and contemporary style.

By supporting Leewaz India, you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of clothing but also contributing to the preservation and sustainability of an essential cultural legacy. The primary reason for the decline of these arts is the lack of fair wages and insufficient support from authorities. By championing this cause, we ensure that our artisans receive their due recognition and compensation, allowing future generations to appreciate and benefit from these exquisite creations.

Together, we can keep the art of handloom weaving alive, ensuring that the hands of our artisans continue to create beauty and tradition for generations to come.